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Welders Magnetic Clamps & Workholders, Drag-On Magnetic Handles for steel sheet; Magswitch products in stock Australia


Magnetic clamps for welders
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Magnetic job holders for welders
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Magnetic welding clamps are variously known as welder's magnets, welding magnets, welders magnetic squares or magnetic angles and are used for  positioning and clamping steel work-pieces during welding. Serpent & Dove - Applied Magnetics coined the term 'Welders Magnetic Square' in 1984 to describe a welders magnetic clamp that had the approximate proportions of an engineer's square.

Our range offers

  • Deep recess between pole plates to best clamp round or flat steel
  • Always parallel edges so there's no wobble
  • Flat edges on pole plates to provide highest magnetic strength
  • The patented Rollalong Magnetic Square
  • Switchable magnetic squares and clamps 
  • The entire Magswitch Magblocks, Magsquares and clamps in stock in Australia


Magnetic work clamping
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Magnetic work clamps
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Work clamping magnets
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Magnetic erth clamps for welders
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Welders Magnetic Earth Clamp offers a better way of grounding than conventional earthing clamps - and is ideal for inside tanks and vessels where no clamping edge exists. The original fully insulated and patented magnetic earth clamp. Beware of inferior and shoddy copies. Patent No. 2013100975.









All Magswitch products in Australia

All Magswitch switchable magnetic clamps, including Magswitch MagSquares, Magswitch MagVise, Magswitch Ground Clamps, Magswitch Boomerangles and Pivot Angle and Magswitch woodworking products stocked in Australia.



Our consultants are available to provide knowledge and sensible answers.

Please phone: +61(2) 9971 7577 for magnet sales or email us.

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