exclusive wholesaler of SUPERIOR Mag-Mate Switchable Magnets for Welding & Steel Fabrication & end-of-arm magnetic holding devices.

Mag-Mate Mag90, the better Switchable Magnetic Squares and Clamps:

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Mag-Mate and Serpent & Dove are natural partners for all requirements for switchable welding and fabrication magnets. Serpent & Dove is your one stop wholesaler for Mag-Mate and all magnetic products for welding and steel fabrication or Magnetic End of Arm Grippers and Transporters. Serpent & Dove and Mag-Mate, a natural combination.

Our new range of Mag-Mate superior Switchable Magnetic Squares and Clamps. No electric power or batteries. Magnet turns on or off with a turn of the switch.

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Why is Mag-Mate superior? Because…

  • Stronger
  • More Versatile
  • Clamps either Flat or Round steel on 3 Faces

Mag-Mate Magnetic Ground Clamps

Available in 200, 300 & 800 Amp capacity. Turns on and off for easy cleaning and use. Suitable for flat or round steel.

Mag-Mate Mag90 Multi Angle Square

Like a vise you don’t need to permanently fix to a bench. Enables clamping of flat or round steel for grinding, cutting or drilling. Two models:

Mag-Mate Mag90 Magnetic Squares

In three useful sizes, 68, 204 and 454 Kgs and with strong clamping force on 5 sides including three 'V' side for betterclamping of round material, Mag-Mate Squares precisely position steel work-pieces for welding. Tapped holes on four sides enable fixing into jigs and fixtures.


Mag-Mate Pivoting Magnetic Angle

Pivoting Magnetic Welding Angles pivot to angles ranging from 22° to 270°, with locking handle and detents. Hold on 3 sides.

Mag-Mate 90 Degree Angles

These switchable Permanent Rare Earth Magnetic Welding Angles with adjustable magnet positioning let welders set up, weld and quickly move on to the next project. Simply place on work surface, turn magnets on and start welding. Stainless steel frame construction. TWO CONVENIENT SIZES and strengths in Models WSF0150 & WSF0450

On/Off magnets easily allows debris to fall away. Can be used on flat or round steel or cast iron and provides a non-marring hold.


Mag-Mate Rapidfire Retriever Lift

Versatile, superior swivel-head design allows various pickup positions and the long handle enables operator to safely grab steel pieces that are hot or be out of arm's reach. Magnetic RapidFire Retriever® is capable of handling up to 15 Kgs. See video here.


Mag-Mate Power-Grip On/Off Lifters

On/Off Power Grip models allow you to turn the magnet on or off for easy and safe attachment and removal of the small part from the magnet.

  • Powerful Rare Earth Magnet
  • Securely grips heavy parts
  • Works on flat or round (pipe) parts
  • Locking On/Off Handle
  • Comfort Grip

Mag-Mate Mag-Pry Sheet Aligning Tools

Mag-Pry™ by Fit Up Gear™ is a strong, easy to use, On/Off magnetic pry bar for quickly aligning butt-joined sheets and any sheet or plate levelling and alignment. Perfect for all plate and seam work, underfoot, on vertical surfaces, even overhead. See VIDEO Here


Mag-Mate Switchable Automation Magnets and End-of-Arm, Pick and Place Magnetic Tools.

Illustrated at left are a few options of air-actuated (or solenoid-actuated) magnetic pick-up heads for small steel components, pressings or parts. Click here for full range of IMI types and dimensional information.

Applications and Benefits:

  • Robotic "Pick and Place"
  • Manual and automated machine loading/unloading
  • Increases production and minimizes shop air costs
  • Designed for long, maintenance-free operation
  • Operates effectively in any orientation
  • Will not drop parts if system air-loss occurs
  • Destacking (requires proper magnet selection)


  • Instantaneous pickup and release
  • A permanent magnet requires no electricity
  • Can be retrofitted on existing tooling
  • Positively holds parts - no dropping
  • 3:1 Design Factor
  • Magnetic Pistons, for Limit Switches, standard on TPCA300 - TPCA800 series


  • Solenoid control valves
  • Custom designed Pole Shoes
  • Magnet mounted control valves
  • Magnets designed into ergonomic lifting systems
  • Custom circuit designs are available
  • Magnetic Pistons, for Limit Switches, available on TPCA100 and TPCA200 series