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Claymore Magnetic Wands and Ditch Magnets for Oil Industry


For today's safety-conscious industrial environment, Serpent & Dove - Applied Magnetics has developed a suite of safety and clean-up related magnetic products.

Our consultants are ready to provide knowledge and sensible answers.

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  Magnetic clean up swarf removal
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1. Wonder Wand

Wonder-Wand Magnetic Wand was first invented and produced by us in the late 1980's. With tens of thousands sold worldwide, our Wonder-Wand has been frequently copied, but never bettered. Also known as the magnetite wand in the coal industry where it is used to test for magnetite in the underflow from magnetic wet drum magnetic separators.

Beating the pants off competitors and copy-cats, our Wonder-Wand magnetic wand remains the preferred clean-up tool around lathes and drills in industrial workshops.

Wonder-Wand now comes in two versions - Stainless Steel or PVC. Patent Nos. 2011100011

Wonder Wand magnetic clean up
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This picture tells the story!

Wonder-Wand (top) is half the weight of a copy-cat (important to prevent wrist injury in repetitive use), yet picks up almost twice as much swarf.

2. Claymore Wand or Ditch Magnet for oil industry.

A specially developed large diameter Magnetic Wand for recovering ferrous contamination from drilling fluids in the oil industry. The Patented 'Claymore' Ditch Magnet can be ganged and adjusted to suit channel profiles to collect swarf from drilling fluids for sampling and to prevent wear and tear to rig equipment, and downtime. Patents 2016100027 and 2018100937.

 Wand     Wand loaded

Australian Distributor: Scottech Oilfield Services


3.SteelAway Magnetic Sweeper fork-lift or tow

Forklift mounted Magnetic Sweeper for large areas; forklift or towing options for transport yards, sportsfields, race-tracks and wharf areas. Known as Large Area Magnetic Sweeper.

Magnetic sweeper fork lift mounted or towed
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3. Swarf-Buster and 4. Site-Safe Magnetic Pick-ups

Quickly clean up swarf from around machinery or floors


Swarf and iron particles removal & clean up
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Safe magnetic cable holder
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5. Cable-Safe and 6. Safety-Mag

Two handy items to get cables and hoses off the floor and reduce trip hazards or to secure signs and safety chain or barriers.


Electro magnets for electical cable safety
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  Electro magnets for health and safety applications
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Cable-Safe comprises a 60 diameter rare earth pot magnet with ring, a handle to assist removal and a plastic cable hanger. Grips on 3 mm steel with better than 30 kgs force in slide direction. 

Safety-Mag is a smaller version for temporary chain or sign suspension and is available as a retail item through scores of outlets across Australia.















7. Magnetic Crawler for cleaning ship hulls and steel plat

Magnetically retained to a ship hull or steel plate Smets Technology MC-250 Magnet Crawler crawls across the surface directing high-pressure water for cleaning. Eight permanent magnet assemblies which ride just off the steel surface, secure the crawler with a force of approximately 10,000N. The Crawler can operate with or without a vacuum system, to suck away the released dirt, scale, paint and growth. Dubai Drydocks commissioned a study of the technique with the aim of reducing large ship lay-time by 20%. Instead of working as many as 16 manual blasting guns (alongside cherry pickers), just 8 MC-250 magnetic, semi-automatic crawlers achieved the same results and performance levels could be increased by more than 40% and ship lay-time was considerably reduced. ++++++++++++++++++++++

8. Drag-On Magnetic Handles

Safely put a handle on steel sheet and plate to drag from a stack.

Sizes rated at 50, 100 and 200 Kgs of lateral pull strength.

Drag-On50; Drag-On100 and Drag-On200


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