Scrap Handling and Lifting Magnets


Scrap Reclamation Magnets


• Production scrap handling magnets
• Lightweight or heavy duty and ideal for hydraulic
• Rugged cast case construction                                                                 
• Deep field aluminum or copper wound coil                                   
• 230 VDC standard

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Whatever your Scrap Handling requirement, we supply scrap magnets to suit light duty, heavy scrap lifting, magnets for ball mill charging and more.

We also supply generator sets and power supplies for scrap magnets.

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Permanent On / Off Steel Lifting Magnets or Permanent-Electro Lifting Magnets for Australian industry
Magnets for lifting and Magnets for Automation



Magnets for Scrap


Magnetic Separation & Tramp Iron & Steel Removal for Mining, Extraction and Recycling Industries. Wet Drum Separators for Heavy Media recovery. Grate Magnets, Plate Magnets, Magnetic Drums and Pulleys
Magnets for iron removal +

Eddy Current Separators +



Magnetic clamps & steel holding systems for Australia industries. Magnetic clamps for welders. Special use magnetic clamps
Magnets for Welding


Mag-Mate better Switchable

Magnetic Squares Clamps &

Actuated Magnets for Automation


Magnetic Swarf Clean-up Wands & Sweepers

Oil Industry Claymore Magnetic Wands

and Ditch Magnets



    Tramp Iron Magnets for Conveyors

    Magnetic Wet Drum Separators


Magnetic Lifting Systems


Small Electromagnets for

Holding & Robotic Applications



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