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Only trust Patented and original Yellow-Mag II

Developed by us as magnetic product specialists in conjunction with professional marine pilots and now available in its latest Patented option; the popular and recently improved Yellow Mag II (Patent NL2011620) for even greater convenience. Be sure to ask for Patented Serpent & Dove Yellow Mag II. Beware of copycat products.

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Magnetic pilot ladder, hull magnet, oil spill boom magnets 
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Yellow Mag II: lighter, easier, stronger

Yellow Mag II supersedes its heavier predecessor (and inferior copies) and carries Patent no. NL2011620. The improved pilot ladder magnet is 30% lighter and, whilst as strong as ever, requires 15% less manual effort to release, making it easier to deploy and handle. Magnet mountings and base plate flex to better accommodate rough surfaces like paint, corrosion scale, weld seams and curvature on ship hulls, ensuring maximum grip in adverse conditions. Beware of inferior and out-dated copies of Yellow Mag II. Yellow-Mag II can also be used as a magnet to secure floating oil spill booms and maintenance vessels.

Improved, Patented (NL2011620) Yellow Mag II Pilot Ladder Magnet features include: Pilots ladder ship hull magnets 2

  • 1.6 Kgs lighter in weight
  • N42 grade or better neodymium magnet material.
  • Flexible base and magnet mounts
  • Better grip on rough surfaces
  • Stainless steel ring for tie off
  • >450 kg gripping power per unit but removes easily with lever handle
    Supplied as single units or in set of 4 in strong marine ply box


Pilot ladder security such as Yellow MagII for use during Pilot transfer has been mandated by the International Marine Pilots Association. Yellow MagII is used by many fleets worldwide, including the entire BP tanker fleet.



Note - if you are not purchasing from one of the authorised distributors below, you are likely purchasing a copy of our product and Serpent & Dove cannot provide any guarantee of the quality of the product.


In Australia please contact our official Yellow Mag II distributor,

JMAC Marine
8 Erskine Road, Taren Point, SYDNEY - NSW 2229
PO Box 2918, Taren Point, SYDNEY - NSW 2229
Telephone +61 2 9524 3255 or +61 2 9524 3034
Fax +61 2 9524 3167
Email info@j-mac.com.au 
Website: www.j-mac.com.au



This product stocked and distributed in Europe by Prime Products Distribution:                                                                                                                                                                                     

89A, D. Moutsopoulou Str. Piraeus 185 41 - Greece
Tel. +30 210 4819800
Fax. +30 210 4203523 E-mail:info@primeltd.com      



For supply in the Americas, please contact:

Vansteen Marine Supply

1351 Lathrop Street
Houston, Texas, 77020-8004

Phone: 1-713-674-3300
Fax: 1-713-674-3344
Toll Free USA: 1-888-300-7161







Our consultants are available to provide knowledge and sensible answers.

Please phone: +61(2) 9971 7577 for magnet sales or email us

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