March , 2020

New generation Magnetic Chucks for milling

Tecnomagnete’s innovative MillTec magnetic systems for milling provide the optimal solution for clamping pieces on milling machines with either vertical or horizontal axis, for gantry system milling, CNC’s, pallet systems and automated manufacturing systems.

MillTec offers great operational advantages for a dramatic increase in productivity and quality because with MillTec the clamping force is distributed uniformly over the entire contact surface with no compression or deformation of the piece. The absence of vibration allows higher material removal rates, better finishes and tighter manufacturing tolerances.

Another similar system known as Quad-Extra uses square poles and is suitable for securing thin steel for milling. A 112 pole unit has recently been ordered (March 2020) by a specialist fabricator in Australia.

Available from Serpent & Dove—Applied Magnetics Pty Ltd.

New range of Switchable Magnetic Welding Clamps, Squares and Magnetic Tools

         2018: Now...Better, more versatile Switchable Magnets

            Introducing in Australia the superior Mag-Mate switchable magnetic clamps for welders and 

         steel fabricators. Serpent & Dove--always bringing you the best in magnetgic technology.


Lifting Magnets and Magnetic Lifting systems

2012: A decade of lifting magnet sales
In 2002 Serpent & Dove introduced a range of permanent lifting magnets to the Australian market. The response was quite extraordinary as customers were looking for new, safe ways to handle steel plates, beams and other regular and irregular steel items.

2012: Magnetic Lifter is Battery-operated
A lifting magnet for places where no electric power is conveniently available. Bat-Grip is suitable for lifting loads of up to 2 tonnes.  Actual lifting is effected by permanent magnet elements.

2012: Lifting Magnet Attachment for Vertical Lifts
Lifting steel in the shear or vertical position with lifting magnets reduces capacity significantly.

2012: Adaptability and options in magnetic lifting
Magnetic lifting of bundles of tube, pipe or bar requires a different type of magnetic field to that required for lifting plate. Serpent & Dove is able to meet all these requirements.

2012: Lifting Magnets for every steel lifting duty
Advances in lifting magnet technology in recent years means that today almost any steel type or configuration can be lifted and handled using magnets.

Permanent lifting magnet range extended (2011)
Now the range has been extended to include some in-between models, providing 300 and a 600 Kg lifters.

Easy-Lift magnetic lifting system
Here's a low cost lifting magnet system designed to lift thin steel sheet up to 3 metres in length for duties such as loading onto cutting tables.

The dangers of inferior lifting magnets
Tecnomagnete's MaxX lifting magnets from Serpent & Dove employ a patented neutral crown technology that ensures all of the available magnetic field is directed to the working face of the lifting magnet.

Lifting Magnets for OEM Applications
Lifting magnets from Serpent & Dove are increasingly being used in OEM applications to improve productivity and safety.

Lifting Magnets with 5 Year Warranty
This exclusive warranty applies to all 8 models of the Tecnomagnete MaxX series, from 125 kgs to 2000 kgs. Two models are specifically designed for relatively thin steel.

Serpent & Dove partners with Italian producer to offer permanent-electro lifting magnets
...permanent magnet elements are energised to do the lifting and then de-energised to release the load when the lift is complete and at rest. This means that electrical energy is required only during the brief energise and de-energise actions.

Permanent-Electro Lifting Magnet Systems for Heavy Duty Applications
These permanent-electro lifting magnet systems are capable of handling steel plates up to 16 metres in length, blocks and slabs up to 30 tonnes or more, coils, billets, bundles of tube...

A lifting magnet to suit every application
Whether it's a steel block, bar, plate, bundle, billets, slabs, solid or hollow, there's a lifting magnet in the Tecnomagnete range to suit every application.

Removal of Tramp Iron from products

2012: Grate Magnets that automatically self-clean
Tramp iron removal: With surface strength of up to 1 Tesla (10,000 Gauss) self-cleaning grate magnets feature touch-screen control and adjustable cleaning cycle time.

Tramp Iron Magnets for Conveyors Maximise Up-Time
Serpent and Dove recently conducted tests to determine the magnetic field strength required to remove grinding balls from gold ore for an Australian mine. A suitable magnet was supplied with great success and savings

Tramp Iron Magnets Prevent Costly Down-time
Tramp Magnets - variously known as Tramp Metal Magnets, Magnetic Separators, Conveyor Magnets or Overband Magnets - rip out dangerous scrap iron before it causes drastic damage to capital plant downstream such as crushers, grinders and pulverisers.

New Ways with Permanent Magnets for Conveyors
Unwanted iron in powders, sand, gravel, grain and other bulk materials on conveyors causes costly damage to crushing, grinding and screening equipment

Tramp Iron Magnets for Small Belt Conveyors
Lightweight, low cost tramp metal permanent magnets for conveyors with small burdens. In the past, limited design options have meant that tramp magnets larger, heavier and more costly than required were frequently applied over relatively small, low capacity conveyors.

Wet Drum Magnetic Separators in coal and iron ore applications
Losses occur when dense media particles cling to either the 'float' or 'sink' products, and can be minimised with the use of Serpent & Dove's wet drum magnetic separators

Serpent and Dove develops a new range of plate magnets
They are designed for suspension heights up to 250 mm over flat or troughed conveyors.

Spiral Magnetic Filter to Remove Iron Particles
Remove iron particles from liquids as diverse as printing ink, custard or oil. For use in stainless steep vessels.

'Live' Grate Magnet Technology Helps Prevent Product Blockages
As some powdered or granular products may bridge and tend to block conventional grate magnets, the new system obviates the additional cost for using external vibration to assist product flow.

Rare Earth Grate Magnets
Removing iron contamination without breaking the bank...

Magnetic Clamps & Holding Systems

Magnetic Chucks use permanent-electro magnet technology
Now the complete range of Tecnomagnete's Quad-System permanent-electro workholding magnetic systems is available in Australia. These are used to clamp workpieces for grinding, milling and machining.

Pilot Ladder Magnet production ramps up
Worldwide demand has resulted in increased production at Serpent & Dove's facility as well as ongoing improvements and refinements to the product.

Family of Magnetic Welding Clamps Keeps Growing
Serpent and Dove has been growing its family of magnetic clamping products for the welding and steel fabrication industries for many years. And products just keep coming.

New surface clamping magnets released
These magnetic clamping blocks provide exceptional magnetic strength with surface protection and added slip resistance.

Magnets for Sea Pilot Safety
Serpent and Dove's Pilot Ladder Magnet has been specially developed to make life safer for sea pilots by providing removable anchor points for the ladders on the ship's side.

Magnetic Safety & Clean up

2012: Magnetic Sweeper cleans up yards, wharves and factories
Serpent & Dove's L.A.M.S or Large Area Magnetic Sweepers are cleaning up truck yards and cargo areas, wharf areas, carparks, sports fields, construction sites and large factories

Serpent & Dove makes available the SiteSafe Magnetic Cleaner and Pick Up Solution
The cleaning machine efficiently gathers small iron and steel debris such as welding rod ends, reo off-cuts, nails and wire from construction sites and manufacturing plants.

Small Electromagnets

Small Electromagnets & Magnetic Grippers
Small electromagnets and magnetic grippers for robot applications or steel sheet handling with quick-release and other features

Down-hole Retrieval or Fishing Magnets

Fishing Magnets (aka Retrieval Magnets) recover items from wells
Depending on the size, shape and depth of the steel item to be recovered this may involve a specifically designed magnetic retriever providing a shaped magnetic field that is suitable for the job. .


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