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Down-hole Retrieval & Recovery Magnets.

Recover steel items from drill or well holes on land or undersea with Down-hole Retrieval or Fishing Magnets.

Down-hole magnets, fishing magnets or retriever magnets are names used for specialised magnetic devices for recovering steel items such as drill cases, boring bits and other items from drill holes and wells both on land and in marine situations.

Our consultants are available to provide knowledge and sensible answers for recovering steel items from wells and drill holes 

Please phone: +61(2) 9971 7577 for magnet sales or advice, or email us.

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Down hole retreival magnets
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Down hole retreival magnets  
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Pictured at left is a stainless steel encased, rare earth magnetic retriever specifically designed for an oil-rig specialist for recovery duty at significant depth.

A range of these down-hole or fishing magnet devices is available for purchase or hire. Some are designed on a case by case  basis to suit the particular recovery problem and whether a shallow magnetic field, bi-polar or multi-pole device, or a deep field device is necessary. Usually these devices employ rare earth permanent magnet technology, but electro-magnets are also used on occasions.

Pictured left and below are some of the many types of small and large down-hole magnetic retrieval devices we have supplied. We usually hold various diameters and sizes in stock for fast despatch.

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Down hole retreival magnet o4
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Down hole retrieval magnet 05
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Down hole retreival magnet 06
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Phone us on: +61 (2) 9971 7577
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