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Magnetic Holding & Clamping for milling and injection moulding

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Presenting in Australia the complete range of Tecnomagnete permanent-electro magnetic injection mould clamps and magnetic chucks for workholding in all milling, grinding, machining and turning applications.

  • Magnetic Clamps for vertical milling operations with Quad-Extra Workholders

  • Magnetic Clamps for horizontal milling with CuboTec Workholders

  • Magnetic Clamps for injection moulds and plattens
  • Magnetic Clamps for turning with Radial-Pole Workholders

  • Magnetic Clamps for rail machining with Quad-Rail Workholders

  • Magnetic Clamps for grinding with TFP Magnetic Chucks

  • Magnetic self-shimming Clamps for grinding with Quad-Grinder


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View Injection Moulding Video here and Workholding video embedded below of Tecnomagnete permanent-electro magnetic chucks and clamping. For information about magnetic lifters to lift work onto and off these magnetic chucks see our Lifting Magnet pages.








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