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Magnetic Sweepers & Brooms clean up yards, wharves and factories



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Rare earth magnetic sweepers for iron nails swarf removal from car parks factories wharvesSerpent & Dove's L.A.M.S or Large Area Magnetic Sweepers are cleaning up truck yards and cargo areas, wharf areas, carparks, sports fields, construction sites and large factories where nails and other nasties cause many thousands of dollars a year in tyre damage. One customer, a trucking operator, spent $30,000 in one year on punctures that occured within his own yard.

Lightweight, yet of robust, stainless steel and aluminium construction, the magnetic sweeper features a deep-reaching, retractable Rare Earth Magnet Element to ensure no iron or steel objects escape. L.A.M.S is either 1.5 or 2.1 metres wide and comes with forklift or towing options. At the end of a cleaning run the operator dumps waste by simply turning the onboard winch handle a few turns.

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