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Fishing Magnets (aka Retrieval Magnets) recover items from wells

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Retrieval & Fishing Magnets 

Rare earth dymium fishing or retrieval magnetsMagnetic retrieval or recovery of drills and other broken items from drill holes and oil well holes has become something of a specialty for Serpent & Dove - Applied Magnetics.

These are also known as fishing magnets. Depending on the size, shape and depth of the steel item to be recovered this may involve a specifically designed magnetic retriever providing a shaped magnetic field that is suitable for the job.

For underwater work, these recovery or fishing magnets are usually sealed in a robust, reinforced stainless steel housing and use neodymium (rare earth) magnetic elements to form a pattern of very strong North/South/North/South magnetic fields to suit the application. Serpent & Dove has supplied many devices, some for deep sea use - and often as a matter of urgency.

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