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Australian importers & stockists for Mag-Mate switchable Welding & Steel Fabrication magnets

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Mag-Mate and Serpent & Dove are natural partners for all requirements for switchable welding and fabrication magnets and Magswitch woodworking products. Serpent & Dove is an importer and your one stop wholesaler for Magswitch and all magnetic products for welding and steel fabrication as well as woodworking clamps. Serpent & Dove and Magswitch, a natural combination.

Please phone: +61(2) 9971 7577 for magnet sales or email us.

800Amp, 600 Amp, 300 Amp Switchable Magnetic Ground Clamps

Magswitch Magnetic Ground Clamps

Available in 300, 600 & 800 amp capacity. Turns on and off for easy cleaning and use. Suitable for flat or round steel.
300 Amp Ground Clamp Spec Sheet
600 Amp Ground Clamp Spec Sheet
800 Amp Ground Clamp Spec Sheet

Magswitch Mini Angles

Offering a range of clamping angles for plate or pipe. Four models:
Multi Angle (MagVise) 400 Spec Sheet
Mini Multi Angle w/300 Amp Ground Spec Sheet
Mini Multi Angle Spec Sheet
Mini Angle Spec Sheet
Magswitch distributor Australia Magnetic multi angle MagVise Clamps

Magswitch Multi Angle MagVise

Like a vise you don’t need to permanently fix to a bench. Enables clamping of flat or round steel for grinding, cutting or drilling. Two models:
MagVise1000 Spec Sheet
(Magswitch distributor Australia Magnetic multi angle MagVise Clamps) 

Magswitch MagSquares

In four useful sizes and with strong clamping force on 5 sides, MagSquares precisely position steel work-pieces for welding. Tapped holes on all sides enable fixing into jigs and fixtures.
MagSquare 165 Spec Sheet
MagSquare 400 Spec Sheet
MagSquare 600 Spec Sheet
MagSquare 1000 Spec Sheet
Pivot Angle 200 Magnetic Clamps Magswitch distributor Australia 

Magswitch Pivot Angle 200

Each arm of this useful product provides up to 90 kgs of clamping force on flat steel and the magnet grooves provide clamping for round steel at angles adjustable between 25 and 270 degrees.
Pivot Angle 200 Spec Sheet
Boomer Angle Magnetic Clamps Magswitch distributor Australia 

Magswitch BoomerAngle

In three handy sizes, BoomerAngles enable the user to clamp steel at unlimited angles
BoomerAngle 150 Spec Sheet
BoomerAngle 400 Spec Sheet
BoomerAngle 600 Spec Sheet
90 Degree Angle Magnetic Clamps Magswitch distributor Australia 

Magswitch 90 Degree Angles

For larger, heavier steel, the Magswitch 90 degree Welding Angles. Slots in the frame allow the MagSquares to be positioned as preferred for the job. Four sizes.
90 Degree Angle 165
90 Degree Angle 400
90 Degree Angle 600
90 Degree Angle 1000
xtenda Lifts Magnetic Lifts Magswitch distributor Australia 

Magswitch Extenda-Lifts

Pick up small plate, pipe and even scrap without bending down. On/Off switch is at top of handle.
Extenda-Lift 600 Spec Sheet
Extenda-Lift 1000 Spec Sheet

Manual and battery styles Magnetic Lifts Magnetic Lifts Magswitch distributor Australia 

Magswitch Hand Lifters

Makes lifting and positioning of small steel work-pieces and off-cuts simple. 
Hand Lifter 60-M Spec Sheet (Manual)
Hand Lifter 60-CE Spec Sheet (Cordless Electric)
400 Fixed Manual Hand Lifter Spec Sheet
400 Dual Manual Hand Lifter Spec Sheet

Magswitch Sheet Aligning Tools

Mag Pry (now superseded but still available) and its upgraded version, MagPress, and Sheet Handler offer time saving solutions for aligning steel sheets or beams.
MagPry Spec Sheet
MagPress Spec Sheet
Sheet Handler Spec Sheet

Our consultants are available to provide knowledge and sensible answers.

Please phone: +61(2) 9971 7577 for Magswitch magnet sales in Australia or email us .

 Serpent & Dove - Applied Magnetics Pty Ltd

Makers, distributors and suppliers of industrial magnets, Magswitch products Australia, lifting magnets and magnetic lifting systems and magnetic clamping products to Australian and overseas industry, manufacturers and trades since 1984.

Phone us on +61(2) 9971 7577 for magnet sales or email us for supply to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart and regional towns in NSW, Vic, Qld, WA, SA, Tas, NT.



Phone us on: +61 (2) 9971 7577
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