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Your Tramp Iron Magnet Application Recommendations

The following information will help us design and recommend a correctly sized Tramp Iron Magnet for your Conveyor applications.

If you have multiple applications you may find it faster to download a PDF version of this form and complete a version for each application then fax them to us on +61 (2) 9971 2892.

Alternatively, please phone us on +61(2) 9971 7577. Our consultants are available to provide knowledge and sensible answers.

Company Name *  
Your Name *  
Phone No. *  
Fax No    
Email Address *  
1. Belt Width *   
2. Belt Speed *  
3. Idler Angle *  
4. Capacity, t/hr *   
5. Estimated Burden Depth    
6. Material & Size (eg, iron ore, coal <100 ) *  
7. Material Bulk Density (approx) *  
8. What equipment is the magnet to protect?   

9. What size iron represents a problem?


    M10 x 50 bolt?  

    M20 x100 bolt?   
    M20 Nut?    
(Remember that the smaller the object and the closer to the shape of a sphere, the harder it is to recover) 
10. Magnet Position:    


    Over discharge
    Or over belt? 


11. Magnet to be:        


    Non self-cleaning?    
12. Further Comments   



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